Rentman Demo Webshop

AppSys as Rentman partner

Rentman is the specialist in the field of rental software. Material management, planning and communication are all integrated in this user-friendly software.

And what is the added value of AppSys within this story? We have developed a WordPress import plug-in, which directly links your Rentman account to the WordPress environment in which your webshop is running. This plug-in imports, among others, all products within Rentman into every WordPress (WooCommerce) webshop. For the list of extended functionalities, click here.

What AppSys can do for you:

  • Setting up the webshop (including installing the plug-in) at a fixed price or monthly formula
  • Embedding custom functionalities for the web shop
  • Solving bugs & possible issues
For other topics, please contact us.

Material management:

How to prepare materials for your webshop

Navigate to the product detail page of the desired product and click on the tab 'Webshop'. (Set ‘In webshop’ to ‘Yes’. Only materials that are set this way are imported by the plug-in).

On this tab, you will find the short & long description and the fields for SEO optimisation, namely SEO title, SEO keyword & the SEO description.

Furthermore, you can set whether this item is a 'Webshop featured product' or not. If you choose 'yes', the item will be highlighted or placed on the homepage.

Attach images and pdfs:

At the very bottom of the product page you can add images and pdfs (see slide 1). Supported formats are jpg, png, gif & pdf.

Once uploaded, you can edit the files. (see slide 2)

For each file that you want to import into your webshop, choose 'Yes' at 'Display in webshop'. By editing the field 'Description', you can add an alternative text to the image. This will provide a better image context/description for search engine crawlers, allowing them to index the image correctly. Visually impaired users working with screen readers will also find the image on the page easier to understand. When working with pdfs, the 'Description' field becomes the clickable text of the pdf link in the webshop. (see slide 3)

Add tags:

Tags are keywords that you can link to a certain item. By using tags, the visitor can filter or search more easily in your webshop. Items can also be grouped by tags.

How to add tags?
You can find them in the Rentman app, on the right side of the product detail page.

Manage your AppSys Rentman Demo Webshop

Setting the tax rates

For this step, take the e-mail with your login details for the WordPress dashboard.

Once you've successfully logged in, it's best to set the tax rates first. You can find them under 'WooCommerce' -> 'Settings' -> 'Tax' -> Standard rates / Reduced rate rates / Zero rate rates.

Rentman plug-in configuration

The settings of the Rentman plug-in can be found here:
'WooCommerce' -> 'Rentman' -> 'Settings'

Configure the settings for availability, discounts, stock display and the time zone you are in and select the desired date format. This is the format the website visitors see when they rent a product.

Finally, you can select the desired project type for webshop settings, which are pushed from WordPress to the Rentman app.

(Note: You can manage project types in the Rentman app. All created project types are available in the drop-down list.)

Synchronise material from Rentman

To import and/or synchronise all products from Rentman and their categories, click on the 'Update products' button.
(Note: Do not leave this page until you see the message 'Import complete!'.)

Once completed, the plug-in will display the tax rates found in the Rentman app for the products you have imported. You need to set corresponding tax rates in 'WooCommerce'. (See 'Setting tax rates')

The 'Reset' button removes all Rentman products & categories from the webshop.
(Note: This will also remove any category images and descriptions, as well as any set related products (up-sell/cross-sell). So be careful when using the 'Reset' button.)

Manage your demo webshop

As soon as you have received your login data, you can get started! After logging in you will first see the 'AppSys Tutorial'. Through this guide, you will discover in a simple and clear way how you can make the webshop your own.

Here you will find how to prepare materials in the Rentman app and how to configure WooCommerce and the Rentman plugin. You will also find how you can change texts, images, the header, things like the favicon (url-icon), the color palette, ...

Everything is explained step by step, ready for you to get started!