Rentman Demo Webshop

Who's AppSys

Rentman is the specialist in the field of rental software. AppSys is developing and supporting Rentman's WordPress import plugin. This plugin imports products from Rentman to every WordPress Woocommerce webshop where this import plugin is installed.

You can contact AppSys for help, questions and problems regarding the plugin, such as:

  • Setting up your webshop (including installing the plugin) for a fixed price or monthly formula.
  • Developing custom functionalities for your webshop.
  • Bugs and troubleshooting.

Prepare equipment in the Rentman app:

How to prepare equipment for your webshop:

Navigate to the product detail page of the desired product and click on the 'Webshop'-tab, set ‘In webshop’ to ‘Yes’. Only equipment set to ‘In webshop -> Yes’ will be imported by the plugin.

Here you can also find the short description, long description and search engine optimization fields SEO title, SEO keyword and SEO description.

Last but not least you can set ‘Webshop featured product’ to yes or no. Can be useful if you want to highlight a product or place it on your homepage (depends on the chosen WordPress theme).

Attach images and pdfs to equipment:

You can add images and pdfs at the very bottom of a product detail page in the equipment module (slide 1). Supported file formats for the webshop import are jpg, jpeg, png, gif and pdf

Once uploaded edit the file (slide 2). Select the option ‘Display in webshop’ -> 'yes' (slide 3) for each file that needs to be imported to your webshop. You can add alternative text to an image by editing the ‘Description’-field.
(Alternative text provide better image context/descriptions to search engine crawlers, helping them to index an image properly. Visually impaired users using screen readers will be read an alt attribute to better understand an on-page image.)

For pdfs the ‘Description’-field will be the clickable text of the pdf-link in the webshop.

Adding tags to equipment:

Tags are keywords that you can connect to an item, by using tags it will be easier to filter or search for specific items. In the webshop products can be grouped by tags. You can find the add tags to products section on the right side of a product detail page (in the Rentman app).

Manage your AppSys Rentman Demo Webshop:

Setting the tax rates:

If all went well, you have received an email with login details for the WordPress Dashboard.

Once you are successfully logged in you should first set the tax rates. You can find the tax rates settings here:
'WooCommerce' -> 'Settings' -> 'Tax' -> 'Standard rates / Reduced rates / Zero rates'

Configure the settings of the Rentman plugin:

You can find the Rentman plugin settings here:
'WooCommerce' -> 'Rentman' -> 'Settings'

Configure the settings for availability, discounts, stock display and the time zone you are in. You can also select the desired date picker format (this is the format that your customers will see when they hire rentable products).

Last but not least you can select the desired project type for webshop orders that are being pushed from WordPress to the Rentman app.

Note: You can manage project types in the Rentman app, all created project types will be available in this dropdown.

Synchronize material from the Rentman app:

Press the ‘Update Products’-button to load all products from Rentman and their respective categories.

Note: Don’t leave this page until you see the message ‘Import complete!’.

After the import has finished, the plugin will display the tax rates that have been found in Rentman for the imported products. You’ll have to create your own tax classes in WooCommerce that match these rates (see 'Setting the tax rates').

The ‘Reset’-button will delete all the Rentman products and categories in WordPress.

Note: This will also delete category images and descriptions (these need to be set in WordPress) and also related products if set (up-sells and cross-sells). So be careful with this.